Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis the Season!

This year christmas seems to be on Adderall. We do have the Christmas spirit, don't get us wrong but with all the hustle, bustle and stress everyone goes through it seems we get a little panicked (scared). Trust me, I love presents of any kind but this year I'm grateful for being healthy and having amazing people in my life. This year we are giving the gift of yummy treats. I'm making my holiday cookies that everyone loves (except for Brendan). Brendan is making his famous apple pie and I'm going to attempt to make Puerto Rican Coquito and Flan (aight).

Sharing is caring. Here is my recipe for my Holiday cookies for the christmas cookie monsters.

I think Christian Lacroix would love our cookies. Lacroix sweetie darling. 

Christmas Cookies

2 Sticks of unsalted butter
1/2 cup of powder sugar Sifted
Mix until Creamy ( you can use a spoon or hands)
Add TBS of Vanilla
2 Cups and 2 TBS of Flour Sifted
1/4 TSP of Salt
6oz roasted pecans chopped ( can use any nut you like)
Mix into cookie Mix
Roll each piece about the size of a table spoon
Place dough on Cookie sheet
oven is at 350
It only takes 8 mins ( it may take a little longer but be careful they burn quick)
When cooled sprinkle the powdered sugar over.



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